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Uniquely Qualified as Deltek Vision/VANTAGEPOINT experts in the transactions of the software.

​​​Deltek Administration Services

​​Finding an in-house resource with Deltek Vision application expertise is extremely expensive and hard to find. HH Morgan can help with this!  

The daily management of the system utilities, reporting, and configuration is something HH Morgan knows well and can manage seamlessly and effectively.  

HH Morgan understands and provides separation of duties needed to uphold the internal accounting controls and procedures, ensuring the validity and accuracy of the financial statements.  

We fulfill the needs of our clients globally through our well proven human communication processes and strong infrastructure.

Call HH Morgan today to see how we can support you by managing Deltek Vision Administration!

Deltek Administration Services
–  Allows you to spend more time getting your important work done instead of spending time helping employees who have locked themselves out of the system.  Leave all the time consuming and in-depth details to us.

For most firms, we generally manage the Utilities and Configuration of Deltek Vision/Vantagepoint.  Listed  below  are some  of the services we can provide:

  • Setup System/Security Access for Employees
  • ​Create and maintain Security Roles
  • Monitor Security and update as needed
  • Update Security as detailed as a single field or on a larger scale
  • Group Time and Expense by Supervisor
  • Global Reporting Set up and Maintenance for all Modules
  • Assist employees with system questions or issues
  • Key Conversions and Key Formats
  • ​Creation of New Organization
  • ​Creation of New Company
  • ​Manage Standard Workflows and Alerts
  • ​Training/Onboarding of new staff 
  • ​Serve as liaison between your firm and Deltek or your Deltek Partner