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H.H. Morgan Enterprises, LLC   |   336.954.5724  

“When we hired HH Morgan, our books were in disarray after a series of bookkeepers that really didn’t know Vision very well.  I did worry about using a firm that was not local, but that has never been a problem.  They log in to our system and we scan and send information back and forth.  It works quickly and efficiently.  Their staff is knowledgeable, dedicated and will work on an issue until it is right.  One of the great things about working with them is the depth of the resource.  You get a single point of contact assigned, but if that person is out (vacation, etc), other staff that knows your account will step in.  If one of their staff doesn’t know something, they go to another for help.  They also interact directly with our accountant, when needed, and they have a very solid accounting foundation in-house.  They tailor services to fit our needs.  Best accounting move we’ve ever made!”
  Jennifer Shields, Director of Operations

  Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Our company switched to a new software, Deltek Vision, a few years ago and we quickly came to the realization that our staff would need extensive training and support to be able to utilize all the resources that were made available to us through this software.  After having dealt with a consultant that did not meet our specific needs, I was introduced to HH Morgan and was immediately impressed with the amount of knowledge the team possessed. HH Morgan made our transition into our new software system seamless by being reliable and trustworthy. Their staff is always available to answer questions any of our staff members have for them and we know we can rely on them to keep our company information confidential. In addition to serving as our Deltek Vision Administrator, we also utilize them in our day to day accounting operations as needed. At times when our team is short staffed or have a heavy work load, HH Morgan’s team is always available to jump right in make sure our staffing needs and deadlines are met. HH Morgan also works closely with our Tax Accountant to provide them with all our financial records and is heavily involved in any audits our office has.   

 When it comes to managing Deltek Vision, we understand that HH Morgan is not our only option but I can say with certainty that HH Morgan is the best option for us. They have a broad understanding of this business and have mastered the ability to facilitate their services precisely while working remotely. Our decision to continue our relationship with them is based on their extensive knowledge of the software, their loyalty to our company and their continued dedication to making sure our company’s goals are met.  Joy has proven time and time again that she not only cares about her business but our business as well and will support any last-minute reporting requests or other provision we may need. Our staff went from having minimal Deltek Vision training to being able to get valuable AR, project, and financial data from the software.  HH Morgan has been instrumental in cleaning up our database, creating customized options for our company and setting up processes and procedures for our all our department to utilize, all of which streamlines information for project managers, executives and clients. Since working with HH Morgan, we have been able to provide our clients with more accurate, up to date, project information which has allowed our company to become the largest engineering firm in our area. 

As the Chief Financial Officer of our company, one of the best decisions I made when I came on board was hiring HH Morgan as our Deltek Administrator. I highly recommend their services to other firms in our area. If you are ever searching for a team that knows every aspect of Deltek Vision, HH Morgan is the team for you!

 Natesh Kumar, CFO

 Corpus Christi, Texas

"Joy Cranford and I first met while she was on assignment with a Deltek Premier Partner and I was the president of a recently acquired engineering firm, LJCE, that was in the throws a Vision implementation – Joy rescued a severely botched transition that had been underway prior to our engagement.  Over the next few years we worked with Joy frequently and came to appreciate her knowledge, energy, and steadfastness.  In 2012 I realized the need for an out-of -the-box back office solution; Joy and I talked, strategized a solution, and we both stepped out in faith to work together on what would be Joy’s first HH Morgan assignment.   HH Morgan was able to graciously manage all transactional data, and to do so in some tough times at LJCE.  Over the years it has been a pleasure to hear how the Lord is continuing to strengthen and encourage Joy with wisdom and growing HH Morgan.   I find that the core values advertised today are a true statement that guides the ethic of HH Morgan.   Whenever you need a Deltek wizard that understands your business operationally and financially -- Reach out to HH Morgan!" 

 George Timchal, President

 Riverside, New Jersey

      Our clients say it BEST!  

CLient testimonials   

"I cannot express more strongly my sincere gratitude for the support we have received day in and day out from Joy and her team at HH Morgan. At various points during our tenure working together they have played an integral role in virtually every aspect of our accounting department and are always available at a moment’s notice when needed. Whether it be their tremendous mentoring support for me while transitioning to CDH from outside the A&E industry, playing a significant role in the management of our last two Accrual Financial Audits, or stepping in to complete billing while our project accountant was on maternity last fall, HH Morgan has been there for our practice. The highest compliment I believe we can pay is that although we realize and certainly appreciate the fact HH Morgan is serving many other clients, the personal relationship they have built with our accounting team combined with their constant availability and support has always made us feel as if we were the only one they had." 

 Justin McClain, Finance Manager

 Marietta, Georgia

"In 2008 was the first time I met Joy Cranford.  She was part of a team that help me transition from QuickBooks to Deltek Vision.  During that process, I got to know about Joy and her family, and knew she would be highly successful in life and her career.  It was again in 2012, I had reached out to Joy Cranford now President of HH Morgan to help with the books of a new company that I was responsible for accounting operations that were not compliant and out of balance by the former accountant.  With tremendous support from HH Morgan, we were able to pass DCAA audits, SBA Audit, and Tax Accountant requirements.  Then again in 2016, HH Morgan was at my side this time for my current employer for another transition of QuickBooks to Deltek Vision and setting up our company to pass another DCAA audit.

If our company wants to go a strategic direction, we can count on HH Morgan to help guide us through the capabilities and processes to achieve our strategy.  After nearly 10 years of working with Joy, we feel that HH Morgan is an extended family.  We know that if we call HH Morgan for any support that they will exceed our expectations."  

  Ajit Louis, Director Finance & Operations

  Sterling, VA